A Campaign to save the Zoos of the UK and their animals. 
Ensuring their survival and preserving the many species that are dying out in their own habitats across the world.

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The Situation

Anyone considering the plight of Zoos in the UK can easily see that they are all fighting for their existence. Cries for help are being met with many efforts from the public to raise money for their local Zoos and as mentioned by Dr Sharon Redrobe OBE, Director of Twycross Zoo, even the children are doing runs & creating their own ways to raise funds for the Zoos. However, all these individual efforts combined are apparently a drop in the ocean of the mounting financial pot required to keep Zoos open. 

The Solution

I believe the solution is a National Campaign to create a NATIONAL FUND which would ensure that no Zoo has to close, a fund which would ensure the survival of our Zoos and the incredible work they are doing to preserve the many species that are dying out in their own natural habitats across the world.

This is possible! 

That any Zoo should have to close & put down the animals in its care is unthinkable. It simply requires finding a solution from a different perspective. 

The Proposal

I propose to engage the whole nation with a song. A song which can be sung by young & old; a song which celebrates the animals themselves; a song which connects empathetically both children & adults with the wild animals in our midst and which gives everyone not only a means of helping but the satisfaction of a united effort. 


People really want to do something so let’s give everyone an opportunity which is both effective, fun and positive. 

About the author of this campaign:

Susanne Scott is a singer/ song writer and retired teacher. She attended the Royal Northern College of Music and is a graduate of Sydney Teachers College. 


She sang and toured for many years in light entertainment, recording several albums including 3 gospel albums. She has given concerts nationwide in venues ranging from major halls (Albert Hall, Manchester’s Royal Exchange Theatre) to stately homes & intimate night clubs; has recorded several albums including three gospel albums and has appeared on the BBC, ITV and on National Australian Television including NBN for which she co-produced several gospel shows. Susanne served for 11 years as Chair of the Arts Centre Group London ( www.artscentregroup.org.uk ) and now serves a Patron.

It was when she sang in a concert for the charity, War Child, given on the lawns of London Zoo that she met the then Marketing Director, Sharon Ament who invited her to work with the Zoo and she began writing the Zoo Project, a compilation of songs & poems about the animals. At this time, as well as singing professionally, she was teaching in London primary schools. Her interaction with the children helped fuel her desire to bring a connection between them and the animals she met at the Zoo.